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February 27 2017

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I need dis!
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Kees Scherer      Central Station,  Amsterdam 1953-1957

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삼단콤보 by mery (apdpfl05)

※ Permission to upload this work was granted by the artist.

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A little something done in the previous month ;v;

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my bb plant has gotten so tall now 💕💕

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What they mean when they say the Lesbian Gaze.


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I'm gonna tell about Block B's Blockbuster Europe Tour, Station Amsterdam because soup lost my KCon rambling from last year entirely:

I was utterly happy about the clouds breaking up as I arrived in the Netherlands, very good to see after long days of darkness and rain in Berlin.


the venue - TheBox

When I arrived at the The Box and waited for the people who were doing the numbering system, I got into conversation with a Dutch girl next to me, her name was Manely and she came with her mother from a city nearby. After we got our number we spent the further waiting time in their car, which was very very beneficial because of the temperatures outside. They were incredibly nice and talkative and gave me food and basically adopted me xD, I still can't believe ... it was just like being 10 years old again, playing and rambling around with friends and their parents at social/school events. I really missed this. She also had a Meet&Greet Ticket so we could die all the way together through the evening, and we did

The mmt-/TheBox-/BlockB-staff was quite friendly and every calm, maybe because we were only about 1k-1,5k people, not 13k like in Paris last year.

They performed about 18 of their latest songs, unfortunately not Nihili Mamboo. I hoped for that song. But they did Zero for Conduct which was extremely good as well. They did so fine during both, the choreographed songs and the ones with freestyle performance. They were flirtatious during the whole concert, and especially Zico, UKwon, Jaehyo and Kyung tried to make eyecontact with every part of the crowd very slowly at some time. There were 3-4 outfit changes, which was all I could ever wish for because I was hoping for so many good outfits and got them all, especially Kyung's shirt-sweater-combo from Toy got me like HNGNGHUGYEZZ he was smiling so adorably the whole time ......!!

the light setting looked wonderful with the yellow lightsticks light setting fairphone cam whitewashed and anonymized Zico and Jaehyo, but still, his awesome skirt!


After the concert I bought two mini official lightsticks (they look like those mexican rattles in combination ㅋㅋㅋ) and we got our tastemaker gift from mymusictaste, a pretty collection of photocards, I layed them down next to my pillow that night. We were told to line up for the high-touch with Block B, the rest of the audience had to leave. All that time I was wondering how the members will not be a total mess during the high-touch event, because they sweat so much during the concert and might be really tired. That would be a bit too much, also for the fans. But they looked so good. SO good.
We were talking about the concert while waiting in the line and I was gazing around watching the staff cleaning the hall already, when suddenly Kyung followed by the other members came in the hall(!) without any security or barriers(!!), they just walked straight to the high-touch corner some 20 meters ahead of us(!!!) and I started to scream, together with only 2-3 other people out of like 200, because I WAS SO SHOCKED LIKE WHAT THE YOU CANNOT JUST WALK AROUND COME ÇA ..!NO!
I still feel ashamed for doing this but I really could not NOT react. Manely said tbh she couldn't understand how the others could nOT react like this xD I'm glad I acted normal though, apparently.
When it was our turn to touch the members I managed to say Thank you! in Korean to everyone of them (I'm so proud of myselsdfdg). Everyone of them was so .... adorable ...you wanted to hug them. Absolutely. Like you would want to hug your date for prom when picking them up at home, and stare at them in awe for a while. It must have been so hard for them to smile all the time like this, and keep their arms up, and see all those weird Europeans xD
It was soo short, sadly, and I don't even remember how I touched the first three members, but I remember that U-Kwon was grinning so widely, he was so small In the second round for group photos I got some intense eye-contact though, because every member kept on thanking the fans and turned towards us as we left after the photo. They offered looong eye-contacts, especially Taeil (he's so small and adorable I wanted to --collect him and fluff### I'll never forget his face) and Jihoon for me (TYSM!!!11)

blockb (B-Bomb, Zico with Kyung.....(ffwriters are watching you), Jihoon)

Since Manely and I were standing at the end of the line, as she had advised earlier, we had a long time of being together with the group, I was so glad. After and before the high-touch I kept on grabbing her waist and hugging her because we were both excited, she was slim and soft and the same height as me. I've never thought I could be like this, naturally, but it just happened so often and she did not seem to hate it I really didn't want to leave the hall afterwards. It was like having to leave a friend's place when I was a child and a parent came to pick me up. I'm grateful for having been able to feel this again.

Morning in Amsterdam:

On Saturday I took the tram to Kinkerstraat to see the foodhallen @siegmunda was speaking of. Ahhh it was really nice, even if the rain was returning already. It looked like Kreuzberg. But nicer and cleaner. Before I entered the tram someone gave me his 1hour ticket which he didn't need anymore- my impression of Dutch people could barely get any better at this point- but when entering the tram I heard this joyful good morning, hi, from the supervisor inside of the tram (I love this concept, the car was clean and everyone was so friendly and chill), and I just couldn't stop smiling anymore. I arrived in the foodhallen, sadly I was too early, and I didn't have much time, everything was still closed, but I got a breakfast at Kanarie Club.

(everyhing smelled very nicely, as the booths started to prepare fresh ingredients for the daily business at this time) foodhallenkanarie club They also had that nice pottery, I need it : (Also for the past 40 hours I had exclusively been eating water, potato products, mayonnaise and bread (cheers to my white ass), I was so glad about this meal) pottery and pancakes

For the sake of the people on the train back home, I resisted to buy cheese

Back in Germany:

On my way back to Germany I went by train, and there was an incident which kicked me out of my pink cloud. As we crossed the border, the Bundespolizei took someone with them, he didn't return to his seat. Earlier he asked me some things about his ticket, if he was on the right train, and about other facilities, he barely understood English. He seemed really a bit clumsy and new to riding a train like this. It strongly reminded me of myself and my insecurities and awkwardness some years ago, so I bound to him. I thought he was speaking Italian on the phone with someone, but I guess I was wrong, as he later stated to the Bundespolizei that he has Albanian papers, but lives in Greece... he wanted to go to Bielefeld. He was treated roughly, also by some ignorant German woman earlier, who immediatly started to yell at him, for (accidentally) sitting on her reserved seat. I tried to explain it to him in English, because he couldn't understand what she wants from him,... I was so mad. Then the Bundespolizei came, straight to him, and I just couldn't do anything anymore for my chingu ..Kaltland man.

The whole time I was reminiscing about how very soft and friendly the people were that I met in Amsterdam, and how the whole city made such a tranquil and slowed-down impression on me, that break point in Germany at this moment came just too quick.

TLDR: Amsterdam was nice, would visit again.

February 26 2017

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headed for Holy Paraclete Abbey osa ap [in da cloud]
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Antwerp, Belgium
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